Shalom and welcome to Simcha's official website. Simcha is a NZ-based music group, who's distinctive sound captures the neshama (or 'soul') of traditional, contemporary and original Jewish music. Simcha is also a story about three friends brought together by the inspirational music of artists such as Yosef Karduner, Aaron Razel and Shlomo Carlebach.

Simcha consists of:
  • David Shenkin - guitar, vocals
  • Julz Nathan - guitar, vocals
  • Alan Brown - keyboards, vocals

How Did Simcha begin?
Alan, David & Julz were approached by Rabbi Jack Engel around mid-2006 to assist the community in learning the Friday night tunes by having a regular evening on a Sunday night. These evenings eventually evolved into jam sessions as the guys developed their harmonies with ever tighter instrumental solos. From these evenings a sound and a band name was born. Word spread and the guys started playing various community events that eventually led to giving a concert to the community in April 08. It was inevitable they should release their own CD.

What Is Simcha?
Simcha means 'joy', but is also used to describe a happy occasion such as a wedding or Bar Mitzvah, or festival.

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Debut album now available on iTunes.
Visit the Music page for audio clips.